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Argh... [11:22am on the 21st
[ mood | contemplative ]

I keep abandoning livejournal.  This symbolizes my inability to commit to anything in life.  Hm... IB overanalysis is really getting to me.

In the past... 2 months, I've gone to All-State Choir (AMAZING!!! It was soooo fun and I made a new best buddy), DECA State (Woot! I didn't win anything - because I'm a slacker - but it was fun anyway and the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs [only 5 star hotel in CO] had UBER good food!  We basically played Wii and watched episodes of The Office the entire time.), and I'm on Spring Break now!!!

Of course that's not all that happened but all the exciting stuff.

Oh wait!! I went on the IB fieldtrip to the Denver Art Museum and a Buddhist Temple - it was amazing.  The Buddhist Temple was Japanese so I wasn't really familiar with that sect of Buddhism but it seemed really cool.  The Museum was AMAZING! I took loads of pictures and the Contemporary part was an entire building made up of NO RIGHT ANGLES. Seriously.  All the walls were slanted and even the bathroom stalls were angular.  Insane, I tell you.  There was some seriously amazing stuff in there too.  I'm such an art freak.  When we were getting lunch, we walked all the way to Johnny Rocket and then waited for like 45 minutes for our order and when we finally got it, we scarfed it all down and ran back to the museum.  It was crazy.  I almost choked on my Philly Cheese steak.  Yum.

Next exciting thing.  I got a bank account! I know, its sort of sad but what can I say.  I put money in it too :)

I <3 Chaim Potok's books.  The Chosen, My Name is Asher Lev, The Promise... All amazing.  I'm not Jewish, nor do I want to be but I'm a big reader and his themes and writing style are universally applicable and amazing (respectively).  

I'm also reading The Joy Luck Club, Farewell to Arms, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Atonement.  Atonement, btw, is an AMAZING movie.  I love James McAvoy.  

I got into University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Southern California but the rest come out on March 31.  On that day, the rest of my life will be determined.  What a scary thought.  

My grandma died.  It was shocking.  She was really unhealthy and sick and now she's gone.  We were just getting ready to go see her over the summer too.  I couldn't believe it - my mind was wrapped around the time difference and blah blah wierd stuff like that.  It was the day I was leaving for DECA state too :( I miss her.  She was the sweetest old lady ever - I didn't know her that well because we live on totally different continents but she took care of me as a child and was a great grandma.

How depressing.  These things set me off into philosophical discussion with my nerdy friends. 

Ugh, I should really get cracking on stuff.  Like studing for IB Exams in like... 1 month!! AHH!!! I'm SO not prepared.  

<3 Susie

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Bro's B-day! [5:25pm on the 13th
[ mood | drained ]

Blergh.  Yesterday was my brother's humongous birthday party - way too many sophomores crawling around our basement.  We recently got it furnished and it has a ping pong table, a pool table, foosball, airhockey, and 2 widescreen tvs.  We borrowed our neighbor's Wii and invited like 30 people.  Wow.  I was the assigned photographer and had a great time capturing the mood.  The food was amazing! I made rice krispies which were delicious (according to all of my bro's friends) and ate a bunch of leftover truffles from Christmas.  I <3 Chocolate.  I also learned how to play the Wii somewhat well! Yay. I did absolutely no homework that entire day too.  Argh.  Then I took pictures of my bro and some of his friends breakdancing.  I don't actually know if calling it that is valid.  But they did some cool stalls and I, with my excellent picture-taking skills, got some awesome shots >.<

But anyway, today's his actual birthday so after I do all my homework (alot from my list from Friday) we're going to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate! I ate a huge bowl of yummy spaghetti (that I made myself! Woot~) for lunch so I might not have room in my belly for anything.  And I don't really like Texas Roadhouse.  Oh well.

I should also probably start applying for scholarships.

Oh! I ran through my All-State Choir music and its absolutely RIDICULOUSly hard.  Which is wierd for me to say because I read music fluently and am the only alto in my choir that made it in.  But Cloudburst by Eric Whittacre makes me sort of want to cry.  

But yeah, I'll cut it off early both because I have nothing to say and because I have to do all my homework!

<3 susie

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New Year - Party like it's 2008! [4:58pm on the 11th
[ mood | gross ]

So you know that year that you look forward to your whole life?  Whether its 21 when you can drink, 16 when you can drive, or 30 in the case of the girl in 13 Going On 30?  Well, 2008 is my year.  I turn 18, I graduate from high school, I move away, I go to college, and I get to actually live life instead of slaving away at a computer and in a school building like I have for the past 12 years.  Well, almost.  Wow, my life sounds quite depressing when I phrase it like that.  But you know what I mean.

I have no idea whether or not I'm going to get into a good college or whether I'm going to go to a local school (which would suck... so much) but I hope I get to go to school out-of-state at a nice school so my dad will be proud and buy me a laptop.  And possibly an iPhone.  I know, mainstream peer pressure/influence, whatever.  I just want one so that I can store all my music and have a phone that works without carrying two electronic devices.  And I can let go of whatever stereotypical identity I have here and start anew there.  That prospect makes me excited, but I don't know its chances of being realized.

My break was pretty good - I finished all my college applications (Yay!) and also read Pride and Prejudice again and watched the movie.  I love the book - although it may be a bit slow at times, it is so humorous and the minimization of setting is essential to understanding the relationships between the characters.  Mr. Collins cracks me up everytime.  I have to say the movie with Kiera Knightley is simply breathtaking, I love it!  There are so many beautiful scenes and dresses and its just so gorgeous.  Yay.

Our family hosted this year's New Year's Eve party and we pretty much invited every Chinese person in the state.  It was insane.  The amount of food was shocking.  It's a good thing our house is fairly large and we have a huge basement.  My dad decided just recently to buy a pool table.  I suck at pool.  Although I am getting better at ping pong with the help of my 'expert' brother.  But anyway, back to food! It was mostly Chinese food, but it was simply delightful. I saw some buddies of mine that went to college this year - one went to CalTech and one went to UChicago - and we were basically discussing all their cool college experiences and I absolutely can't wait.  Although I will miss my family terribly - it'll be really wierd not seeing them for months at a time.

I also watched a whole buttload of movies.  I think I've seen all the romantic comedies ever made and a whole bunch of obscure awesome thought-provoking movies.  I saw "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and "National Treasure II" and "P.S. I Love You" as well.  The second National Treasure was almost exactly the same as the first, Alvin and the Chipmunks was cute but sort of stupid, and PS I Love You was funny and cute but not great.  I also watched "Wicker Park" which I would totally recommend for anyone who watched "The Lake House" or likes twisty plotlines with awesome acting.  Josh Hartnett = <3.  I also saw "Troy" for the first time - I thought it was actually pretty good as far legends go.  

But now I'm totally back at school, stressed, and tired.  My New Year's goals could probably fill a book but my goal was to maintain this journal/diary thing I got in Singapore when I left for old friends to sign and instead, write in it about quirky/cool/stupid/beautiful things.  Yay.  I usually suck at maintaining diaries but I do think they are so fun.  I also wanted to read more modern literature, exercise and eat healthily, and mostly, NOT PROCRASTINATE.  I pretty much want to live up to my potential, do all my homework way ahead of time, work my hardest, and be an awesome person.  We'll see how well that works out for me.

Currently I'm reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini which I'm only a few pages in but seems really good, The Chosen by Chaim Potok who is a really amazing writer and so far the book seems good too, Tess of the D'Urbervilles for one of my Lit classes but it seems well enough.  There are so many books I want to read but I can't seem to remember any of them!

I'd be perfectly happy getting awesome books/illustration/picture books for the rest of my Christmases and birthdays although I didn't get any presents this year.  Well not really.  Our family doesn't really do the whole dealio anymore and Christmas is such a commercial holiday. I totally went shopping with my mom a few days ago and I bought this beautiful amazing black Guess peacoat that I can't wait to wear! But I'm afraid of ruining it and wasting the whole buttload of money I dropped to get it.  

I discovered the most amazing website (or set of websites) ever.  Notcot.org.  It's like a collection of artistic/inspiring/beautiful/amusing/awesome things.  Tastespotting.com is equally awesome and has absolutely delectable pictures of beautiful foods that I really need to learn how to make (I don't know how to cook anything! Must learn before I go off to college) and also Notcoutoure.com which has all the latest in awesome fashion.  I just go on there and am totally inspired.  I created an account so now I can post awesome things too! Although I will continue to post some awesome finds on here so as not to bore you all with my incessant chatter.

So I basically have pages upon pages of lists in that diary/journal thing of mine.  Not only academic lists about the amazing piles of homework that I have yet to complete and the scholarship forms I need to fill out, but also movies to watch, books to read, music to listen to, things to buy when I have money (which may or may not be successful), things to do before I go off to college, things I need to buy for college, foods I need to try, places I need to go, etc.  It's all very inspiring.  I think I need to make a website dedicated to my listmaking insanity and to organize all my crazy lists.

Sunday is my brother's birthday!!! I have no idea what to get him.  Hm.  He doesn't read, already has music, watches movies on the web, and has all the clothes he needs.  What to get him?  Any ideas?  He's turning 16 (they grow old so quickly!).  But he's having this humongous birthday bash tomorrow with a big cake and games and everything.  How exciting.  But on Sunday we'll hopefully be going out for a family dinner to some amazing restaurant and maybe I'll have room for a decadent dessert!

So yeah.  Just some wonderful insight into my life.  I'm sorry that I don't post that consistently - I love blogging but I never really have anything that inspiring or interesting to say.  I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and have a great year!

<3 Susie

To-Do List
1. Revise English Essay (50%)
2. Revise topic proposal (0%)
3. History Questions (40%)
4. TOK Journal (10%)
5. Chemistry Questions (20%)
6. Government Reading (30%)
7. Tess of D'Urbervilles & Socratic Seminar Tickets (5%)
8. Study for SAT IIs (5%)
9. CAS Forms (80%)
10.  Piano - Crackdown! (5%)
11.  Math - Portfolio IA (5%)
12.  Apply for Scholarships (0%)
13.  Read ahead in Tess, Chosen, Gov't
14.  Read The Kite Runner

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Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes are DISGUSTING. [10:20pm on the 18th
[ mood | bouncy ]

 Ew.  Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes are very gross.  I think they're trying to combine the excellent clear distinct taste of tea with the warm sweet taste of coffee.  It made me gag.  And I was really excited so I got a grande.  Big waste.  The Cups Coffee in town has excellent iced chai lattes but EWWW at Starbucks.  That's a first.

Anyway.  I feel so productive I finished an entire 6 page essay in like 2 hours.  Yay.  Caps and gowns are very expensive.  I have to pay $36 for a very thin gross looking blue cap and gown for graduation.  Oh well.  Senior year is absolutely flying by as if I was in a vacuum.  Which is great but sort of sad as well.  And very stressful.  But HAPPY NEWS!! I got a 16 on my IB History essay!! It's a scale from 1-20 so if it was my test on the IB Final I would have gotten a 6/7!!! I think that's really only exciting to me.  But last time I got an 8 which is a 4/7.  So I deserve my happiness.

And now I'm slacking off again by posting here.  Oh well.  

This made me extremely happy.  "The cup's base is designed with a small bump that tilts the cup when placed on a surface. But when placed on the saucer, the cup stands straight. Thus when you have finished your espresso and are waiting impatiently for your companion to arrive you can keep your hands occupied by gently spinning the cup." It's designed by Tony Alfstrom and I desperately need it!

All these amazing random designers excite me.  And I have no school tomorrow which makes me super bouncing-off-the-walls happy.  Yay! 

Um - I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say.  I need to apply to UPenn Early Decision! That's tied on my to-do list with finishing my Extended Essay >.< Hopefully I'll finish this weekend! Stay on task, Susie, you can do it!!

<3 Destiny

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Form and Function [10:57pm on the 15th
[ mood | numb ]

Yum.  Tea.  I just had some Chinese tea that I made out of the blue.  It's really very interesting because I simply grabbed a bunch of different tea leaves and a few tea flowers and made some very nice, rejuvenating tea.  Hopefully I'll get addicted to tea and give up on Starbucks coffee.  Doubtful.  If only I was drowning under seas of money - I would be able to get all the coffee I wanted.  How exciting.

So, I was being my usual procrastinating self again and while looking through interior design stuff on the internet I found...

This gorgeous pic.  I really love the new wave of ultra-modern chic interior design and architecture.  For an expanded picture, look under the LJ-cut.  

But basically, Pac Sun hired some designer to create a prototype for their new chain - One Thousand Steps.  It uses a butload of geometric shapes and maximizes space with cabinets holding shoe boxes and rolling ladders like the one in Beauty and the Beast.  It's designed that way to give a sort of performance feel.  There are also awesomely arranged accessories in the back and fiberglass orb in the middle in illuminated cubby holes.

It would be SO amazing to shop in one of these stores.  I'm absolutely in LURV with interior design and if I could somehow squeeze money out of a job like that then I would pursue it.  Unfortunately, it's pretty much impossible.

I really like posting really random pictures.  I think every post from now on will have a really random art piece or interior design thing or anything really.  It'll spice up my live journal.  And I think I will change my layout soon because I want to incorporate icons into it.  

1.  English C+P Essay - Due Thurs (4%)
2.  Common App/UPenn Supplement (30%)
3.  Study SAT Math 2 and Literature Tests (10%)
4.  Get Parking Permit from Security Office (0%)
5.  Get Service Hours (20%)

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All that glitters is not gold... [7:47pm on the 8th
[ mood | cynical ]

So.  Interesting story for today:

My friend, R, who is quite popular with the opposite sex, has recently gotten involved with this hick 'gentleman' dude, K, that sounds quite interesting.  She is, of course, absolutely smitten with him.  So yesterday afternoon, he called her.
"Hey R, for some reason, I really want to see you... can I come over for a few minutes?" (Creepy or what?  Maybe its just me...) 
"Yeah, sure, K," replies R (too trusting for her own good).
A few minutes later, K pulled up in a beat up (gross) truck and jogged out, leaving the engine on (what a waste of Earth's genorous supplies).  He rang the door bell and shuffled on the porch, waiting for R to open to door.  When she did with a wide smile, he grinned nervously with one hand in his back pocket and the other mussing up his cropped hair while digging his cowboy boot clad heel into the ground.  
"I- I've been wanting to do this for a while now..." he blurted out awkwardly (awkwardawkwardawkward).  R looked puzzled and started, "Ok-" (How could you not know what was going to happen?  I think I've read too many romance novels...)
K then suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders and kisses her passionately for a grand total of about two seconds before sprinting back into his truck, cowboy hat flying off his head and landing on the soft green grass of the fields.  With a grating from the engine (truck in bad shape, I know...) and a cloud of dust behind him, K drove down the driveway and sped off.
R blinked, startled, before grinning uncontrollably.  She strode into the field and picked up the old cowboy hat, dusting it off with her nail-polished fingers and plopping it on her own head.

Hehe okay, so that's not really how it happened but that's what was going through my head while she was telling the story.  For some reason, K sounds really creepy.  The other day, he texted her at like 6:30 AM to say, "Hey sweetie, I was just thinking about you.  How'd you sleep?"  That is too creepy.  I haven't even met him yet, that kiss scene was just way WAY cliche.  He needs some originality.  If he moves to our high school, I'm sure I can beat some into him.

Haha. Anyway.  So I'm in the musical this year at my school and I'm a featured dancer so I basically get to spin and prance around the stage while everyone else is attempting to sing.  The feeling is absolutely gratifying.  But the choreography is mostly horrifying and I can't wait until its all over.  It's my senior year and I was really excited about doing some amazing musical; but instead, we get to perform Once Upon A Mattress.  Which makes me throw up a bit in my mouth.  

The people in my business law class are seriously brain-dead.  I don't know how it happened, or when.  But they really really do not have any brain activity going on.  At all.  We're doing a mock trial on Thursday and I was given the role of a witness, which made me really joyful because it meant I wouldn't have to do too much work.  But so far, I've written all the direct and cross examination questions for all the 'lawyers.'  Haha.  So much for laying back and relaxing for once in my day.  Argh.  My class consists of 12 football players (who have probably had their brains knocked out of them), two cheerleaders (who have probably been dropped on their heads a few times), and a few other miscellaneous people (who have probably been doped up so much that their brains have simply melted).  I think I'm very cynical today.  Hm.  Don't mind me.

But my mom recently bought this absolutely delectable lemon angel food cake which makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Yum.  I love food.  I also love ham.  Ham brightens my day when I see it in my lunch box during lunch.  Not that I have a lunch.  I actually have a class.  

Well, that's all I have to say. 

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New day... [9:45am on the 7th
[ mood | crappy ]

Well, I'm exceedingly tired.  I slept at 1:30 AM because I went to homecoming last night.  It was fun... but wierd with a date.  Sort of awkward.  I didn't really know what to say or do so I just acted really silly.  Hm.  But  I got a really pretty corsage and I wore a pretty dress.  And we got ICE CREAM!! After the dance at like midnight.  It was some good cappucino toffee ice cream.  Yum.  

And now I have to clean my disgustingly messy room so I don't step in random college papers whenever I walk around.

I felt really bad for this guy at the dance (one of my buddies) because he asked this girl he liked to the dance but when they were dancing she sorta swatted his hands away and then went over to talk to another guy and he just sorta stood there. Alone.  Awkward.  The girl did the same thing to one of my other guy best friends last year at Prom.  Also awkward.  High school is awkward.  Can't wait till I'm in college.

We went to Huhot Mongolian Grill for dinner which was actually quite yummy but exceedingly sodium saturated.  Salty.  Everything was really salty.  It was wierd that they only gave our entire table of 6 one tiny bowl of rice.  I eat rice with everything.  We cook rice everyday and eat it everyday.  Rice is yummy.

Oh.  Totally forgot.  I took my SATs yesterday at 8:00 in the morning.  Hopefully I did a tad bit better than last time, or else my entire morning would have been an absolute waste.  My friend took them in another city but she met a guy who goes to an intercity school! And she said they totally hit it off and he was really cute and raved about sports like her.  I was really excited for her until she told me she didn't get his number or any contact info at all. Poopy.  Hehe, a great way to meet huh? Taking the SATs :)

Oo, I got a new pair of flats yesterday when I should have been doing homework.  They're grey with that material that changes from dark to light depending on which way you run your fingers down them.  And on the toes they have this really cool silver crest thing.  It reminded me of the Hogwarts crest which is why I think I got it :) I miss Harry Potter.  

Well, I really have nothing to say. I need a more interesting life ^^.

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[8:40pm on the 1st
[ mood | anxious ]

Yay, I've finally made some friends on LJ.  It makes me really excited.  And I have decided not to change my layout.  Yay.

But anyway.  I think I'm going to use an lj-cut at the end of this entry to test it.  Hopefully it will work.  It seems really exciting. 

So, hopefully I'll get to watch the next episode of Heroes tomorrow on the web - when do they actually post it on the web?  I'm really excited because Peter Petrelli (aka Milo Ventimiglia) is amazingly good-looking.

Also - I have a best bud who is apparently extremely popular with the guys.  Thursday - dinner with David's family.  Friday - Date with Kolby.  Saturday - Homecoming with Brian.  What is wrong with this picture?

I get to sing an Italian song for my All-State Choir song.  Hopefully I make it in again this year - it'd be really embarrassing if I made it in last year and then failed the exam this year >.< Wow I have to take SATs yet again on Saturday.  And I signed up for my SAT Subject tests in November but they just HAPPEN to be on the same day as my piano competition so I probably won't be going to that T_T I'm really sad because for once I'm totally prepared!! Argh.  Sucky things always happen to me. 

To Do List: (in order of importance)

  1. Peer edit Glenn's TOK Essay (70% complete)
  2. Re-read Ch. 1-3 of The Stranger (0% complete)
  3. Do Razumihin stuff (50% complete)
  4. Get stuff for Parking Permit (20% complete)
  5. Ask Lynam for Letter of Rec (0% complete)
  6. Use SAT CD and do part of a practice test (0% complete)
  7. Common App (0% complete)
  8. Print out Letter of Rec forms (0% complete)
  9. Schedule another meeting with Wilder (0% complete)
  10. Complete Boettcher Scholarship application (0% complete)
  11. Watch episode 2 of Heroes (0% complete)

OMG.  I have so much crap to do. I'm going to die.

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Madness [2:18pm on the 30th
[ mood | gloomy ]

I got asked to Homecoming! What a totally high-school thing to say. But anyway. Now I just have to do my Extended Essay, TOK Essay, study for the SATS YET AGAIN, and look pretty before I go next Saturday. Why do I feel like Cinderella?

Baaaasically, LJ has been a ranting outlet for me. No one sees my posts or entertains my dreams of reading them so I get to say whatever I want.

I think I should get a new layout, what do you think? All the new layouts on the S2 layout page are really cool but mine is slightly original considering someone made it! Heehee, if only I had the time and ability to make my own. Oh well.

Instead of doing homework for the past 3 weeks, I've been fervently downloading random movies off the internet and watching them into the wee hours of morning. Which is really bad considering I might fail all my classes and never get into the college of my dreams. Which I don't actually know yet. Hm. I just got a Coffee Frap from Starbucks which is why I'm slightly loopy. But I don't understand why they're so expensive. It makes me mad. I should probably be studying for SATs or something. Why am I such a bad person?

Anyway, I just found out that Patrick Dempsey played Rodya Raskolnikov in a TV version of Crime and Punishment a LONG time ago. That's so wierd! He sort of resembles the dark and moody Raskolnikov but he really doesn't considering he smiles really happily. And the person that played Sonia looks really wimpy. Which I suppose is accurate >.<

But Heroes is BACK!!! I <3 Heroes. Peter Petrelli is my favorite ever.
And I just watched the premiere of Grey's Anatomy which was very interesting. Hm. I don't know how I feel about this new season. I really need to stop getting addicted to TV shows. I've also been watching this new Chinese Soap Opera with Ming Dao. Again. I <3 him too. ^^

I should probably stop ranting and actually start doing homework.

To Do List: (in order of importance)
1. Theory of Knowledge Essay (60% complete)
2. Extended Essay (120% complete - take out 1000 words!)
3. Study for SATs (0% complete)
4. Common App/Early App (10% complete)
5. Ask 2 teachers for Letters of Rec (0% complete)
6. Clean room (0% complete)
7. Plan NHS meeting (0% complete)
8. A bunch of other crap (0% complete)

I fail at life.

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[10:14pm on the 28th
You Don't Get Enough Sleep

You definitely don't get enough sleep, and it's turning you into a mental zombie!
You need to get more sleep, starting tonight if possible.
Avoid caffeine, keep a regular bedtime, don't watch TV before bed, and sleep in complete darkness.

So, I took my SATs on Saturday! It was really wierd. I think I might of done really well. Huh. Wierd. Tomorrow I have a math test that I will fail. And I'm definitely failing Chem. AHH!! I have to get a REALLY good score on the next few tests/labs.

So recently I joined Facebook.com. I must say, I had my doubts but it is SOOO much better than myspace. It's really fun and addicting actually. I should probably take a picture of myself.

JUAN's BIRTHDAY!! AHH!! I think me and Becca are doing a mural of just a bunch of memories we've had with him here. I'm gunna be really upset when he leaves to go back to Mexico.

I really need to start looking at All-State music. Huh. And I need to pick an EE Art Topic! I really needa get crackin' on art. AHH!! I'm so stressed. I hate it. But yeah so I really can't wait for the 5th Harry Potter movie or the 7th HP book. When that last book comes out I will CRY. SOB. DIE. Hehe... but yeah, I've like grown up with the backdrop of Harry Potter and when his story is done... it'll just be so pathetic for us all. I'm definitely going to Barnes and Noble again to wait in the 1000 person line. Heehee. But yeah, I must say Daniel Radcliffe with his haircut is a LOT hotter than 4th movie lion mane hair.

But yeah I get NO sleep. I should probably be sleeping write now since I'm getting a little sick but I can't help it. I can't go to sleep! So sad.

So no one even looks at this. I think I might just drop it and go to Facebook and live there. But I actually know people on there so I can't just act all crazy like on LJ. Huh. I need starbucks. I'm pissed. My mom so promised me she would take me to *bucks after SATs and she didn't. Then she said she'd take me at night and she didn't. Then she said she'd take me this morning and she didn't. I NEED STARBUCKS!! I'm childish I know... but I can't help it. I'm addicted.

So recently I think I've gotten over my crush! Wow, that was fast hehe. But yeah it was actually quite pathetic because (ooo, when I said pathetic it sounded like English accent like Harry Potter and the lady that spoke the directions for the SATs) on friday my best friend was gone cuz she wen't skiing and he was like... "When's she coming back?" and obviously the answer was "Tomorrow" so I said it and he was like "Yes! Good." Pathetic little people. Wow I think I might be a little bitter about my life. I hope nobody ever reads this. I'm writing this at the risk of all my friends reading and ridiculing me. AHHH!!

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